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Lyen-Rymmen-Långens and other lakes’ fisheries conservation area

Lyen-Rymmen-Lången and other lakes’ fisheries conservation area association (fvof) was formed on 27 January 1992. The purpose of forming the fisheries conservation area was to have an orderly management of fishing in the lakes and to be able to offer fishing to the public by selling fishing licenses.

Fishing licence

Are you planning to visit our fisheries conservation area and go fishing?
We offer several different types of fishing licenses which are directly sold via the service; “Ifiske”. Or please contact one of our local retailers. Read more about our fishing licenses via the link below.

Scientific fly-fishing in Årån

As of 2015, the opportunity has been offered to participate in scientific fly fishing in Årån as an “catch and release” event. This is to gain a better knowledge of what the trout population in Årån looks like and how it develops.