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Fishery conservation area

Our FCA includes the lakes Lyen, Rymmen, Hultasjön, Kätteln, Lången, Svartsjön, Feresjön, Flaken, Rickelsbodasjön, Osbrogöl and Osån and Årån. The lakes are part of Lagan’s water system and are surrounded for the most part by forest land. The total water area is 2396 hectares for fvo.

Lyen-Rymmen-Lången et al.’S fisheries conservation area association (FCAA) was formed on 27 January 1992. The purpose of forming the fisheries conservation area was to have an orderly management of fishing in the lakes and to be able to offer the public fishing by selling fishing licenses. Previously, fishing had been reserved for fishing rights holders in the lakes. The association’s return shall be used for fisheries management and supervision or other measures that may benefit fvo. The Fisheries Conservation Association works to create free hiking trails for fish between the lakes.

The activities that have been carried out and are being carried out for the development of FCA are.


  • Sale of fishing licenses
  • The eel has been released annually since 1993
  • Participate in the design and implementation of fishing routes at the power plants
  • Creation and maintenance of mooring places
  • Test fishing
  • Establishment of management and development plan for fvo
  • Creation of depth maps
  • Training of fisheries supervisors and supervision of fisheries

Fishery Conservation Area Association Board Members

Fredrik Roos


Tomas Rahm

Vice Chairman

Margaretha Lindahl


Karolina Lidåker


Magnus Andersson


Kennerth Arvidsson


Fredrik Nilsson


Mattias Einarsson


Bengt Einarsson


Peter Weihed


Lars Einarsson


Barbro Carlsson


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