Rymmenfiske.se 5 Boat mooring places

Boat mooring locations within the fishery conservation area.

Our Boat mooring places

In the fisheries conservation area, there are seven (7) prepared places for boat mooring as follows.

Northern lyen

Sanden at the northern end of Lake Lyen, east of the Osån outlet. Entrance from the Gunnamo-Blekemo road.


Dammabro, the entrance / exit between the lakes Lyen and Hultasjön. The road between Gällaryd and Strömhult. It is only possible to put in smaller boats at the mooring place.


Getaspången at the entrance to Rickelsbodasjön. The road between Strömhult-Madebråten


Svansholmen by the lake Rymmen’s western shore between Svansholmen and Högakull. The road between Ivars and Tagel.

Skaftarps kvarn

Skaftarp’s mill at the southern end of Lake Lången. The road between Gällaryd and Horda, entrance south of Skaftarp’s mill.


Tagel at the southern end of Lake Rymmen. Entrance north of Tagel’s farm


Kätteln southeastern part north Skaftarps village


• Remember to park your car and trailer so that others can get there.

• Leave the area as you want to find it when you arrive.

• Take all rubbish with you when you leave the place.

• Clean fish in a secluded place.