Rymmenfiske.se 5 Fishing rules

Fishing rules

Fishing ban


Fishing ban applies in Osån, from the power plant dam and 50 meters below the road bridge in Ohs.


Fishing ban applies in Osån, by Åtorpet, 100 m above and 100 m below the bridge


Fishing ban apply in Årån, from the power station in Värmeshult to the bridge at Årån’s outlet in Furen.


Fishing ban at the mouth of Osån in Lake Lyen during the period 1 March-31 May. The estuary of the river and 300 meters out into the lake and up into the river about 1 km.

Fishing rules


Fishing licenses are only valid for hand gear and are available as daily licenses, weekly licenses and annual and family annual licenses. Family year card is valid for own children up to 18 years (children under 16 fish freely).

The fishing license is a personal document and may not be transferred, must always be carried when fishing and presented on request. Fishing for sale is prohibited.

2 (two) hand gear may be used by the fisherman.

When fishing from a boat, however, a maximum of 4 (four) hand gear applies, regardless of the number of people in the boat.

Angling only from ice, max 10 (ten) angling.

To secure future fish stocks, the following applies:

  • For pike minimum dimensions 50 cm and maximum dimensions 75 cm.
  • For pikeperch maximum dimensions 60 cm.
  • Catch limit, maximum 4 pikeperch and 4 pike per day.